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Selective Hunting Is Conservation

Conservation Hunting

What is Conservation Hunting?

Conservation Hunting is the selective harvesting of certain animals out of a natural environment, where the harvesting of these animals contributes to the wellbeing and sustainability of the species within such an environment.

At Shona Hunting Adventures, we believe that animals should not be hunted just for the size of their horns, tusks or ivory. The true trophy lies in the whole experience and the contribution that is made toward the environment. For too long there has been a stigma created amongst the non-hunting community that African game is only hunted for their so called “trophies” and the conservation value has been neglected.

With the income generated from Conservation Hunting, important contributions are made towards various factors that are imperative for the preservation of African wildlife in natural areas.
This includes acquiring land to establish reserve areas on. Building up infrastructures to support sustainability of wildlife on these reserves and working with a sound management plan in order to preserve the natural habitat.

It furthermore creates a monetary value for animals in natural areas, leading towards their protection by local communities. These communities also benefit directly from the income generated through employment that has a rippling effect through the local economy as well as through protein from game meat, which is one of Africa’s most sought after commodities.

To acquire and maintain such a reserve area can be very expensive and the custodians of these areas spend large amounts of money protecting them from poachers and other factors that could potentially result in these areas to be lost for future generations. In large parts of Africa this is only done with revenue generated by trophy hunting clients.

Unfortunately, not all forms of trophy hunting in Africa is beneficial to the preservation of natural sustainable populations of African game. Certain practises within the hunting industry is driven by the monetary incentive only and coincides with a short-term vision.
At Shona Hunting Adventures, we refrain from taking part in these activities and we believe it to be far more important to harvest the correct animals, in the correct areas and at the correct time. As it contributes more to the sustainability and preservation of our wildlife heritage than a 60” kudu or a 40” gemsbok bred specifically for the purpose of being shot.

It is up to us as Professional Hunters to Preserve Our Heritage.

Johann Veldsman 

“Nothing comes close to stalking a Kudu bull in the thick bush. Treading softly not to make a sound. Concentrating on whether the wind direction is going to give your position away to your quarry. Everything out here is equal. You are hunting an animal in its natural environment. You keep on going. Every muscle in your body is tensed. Your eyes focused on a spot in the bush, that resembles the colour of a Kudu. You read the body language of your PH. His excitement, that of a true hunter.

Your heartbeat accelerates as you realize that the shooting stick is going up in front of you. This is the moment where everything depends on you. Have you done enough? Or will the excitement get the better of you?

To experience emotion when harvesting an animal shows that a you are hunting for the right reasons an is a sign of a true hunter.

Through the telescope you see the body of an animal. Eyes locked directly on to you. Seconds feel like hours. The shot brings a sudden release of tension through your whole body. For a brief moment you see and hear nothing. Everything feels unreal. The majestic animal in front of you disappears into the dense bush, leaving you with a shaking body and a feeling of disappointment. In your mind you replay the shot over and over again. Everything felt so perfect.

A sudden shout from your tracker rings through the bush. It is a language you don’t understand, but you know exactly what it means. Your quarry is lying in front of you. Even more majestic than what he looked like through the telescope of your rifle. Your emotions are mixed as you pay him your last respect. Behind you the sounds of francolin and the red sun on the horizon bring the end to another day in Africa.”

Johann Veldsman


Will your animals be Trophy Quality?
Namibia is one of the only countries in Africa that has a minimum size requirements for trophies insuring that your animals harvested will be of trophy quality and representative of the species. Over the years we’ve proven at our Tualuka Property how game numbers as well as trophy quality can increase by selective or Conservation Hunting. Follow This Link to learn more about Tualuka Safari Lodge, a Conservation Hunting success story.