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Briefing Paper: Informing decisions on Trophy Hunting

Briefing Paper: Informig decisions on Trophy Hunting

IUCN –  International Union for Conservation of Nature

A Briefing Paper regarding issues to be taken into account when considering restriction of imports of hunting trophies.

Trophy hunting is currently the subject of intense debate and polarised positions, with controversy and deep concern over the practice of trophy hunting, its ethical basis, and its impacts. It is clear that there have been, and continue to be, cases of poorly conducted and poorly regulated hunting, with Cecil the Lion perhaps the most highly publicised example of this.

Intense scrutiny of hunting due to these bad examples has been associated with many confusions (and sometimes misinformation) about the nature of hunting, including:

• trophy hunting is the same as “canned” hunting;
• trophy hunting is illegal;
• trophy hunting is driving declines of iconic species, particularly large African mammals like elephant, rhino and lion;
• trophy hunting could readily be replaced by photographic tourism.

None of these statements is correct.”

Read the full report here:
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German version

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