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Mobile (+264) 81 128 3105

Hunting report by Rick Behling

Location: Namibia
PH: Johann Veldsman of SHONA Hunting Adventures
Hunting guide/tracker: Tjokkie Tsiveze
PH’s rifles: CZ 550 9.3 x 62 with Burris 1-5 X scope for plains game
Winchester M 70 .416 Remington Magnum with iron sights for dangerous game
both rifles hand loaded with Barnes TSX bullets
My rifle: Winchester M 70 .375 H&H with Leupold VX-III 1.75-6 X
Remington Safari Grade ammunition with 300 grain Swift A-Frame’s
PH’s binoculars/rangefinder: Nikon/Leupold
hunting vehicles: Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes UniMog

I just returned from Namibia yesterday and what an experience it was. My PH was Johann Veldsman of SHONA Hunting Adventures.

We started our hunt out of a typical African tented bush camp hunting in thorn bushvelt. My very first shot was at a nice Warthog which I managed to shoot too far back of the vitals (nerves I think) at 60 yards and we lost him after 2 1/2 hours of tracking. I felt really bad about this because it is the last thing any hunter wants to do. The next day I took a very nice 3 horned greater Kudu which measured 53 3/4″. Johann told me it was very rare as he has only seen one other similar animal. I also took an excellent mature Warthog which measured 13 1/4″. The local game warden declared 6 Cheetah’s as problem animals because of them killing goats. As such Johann told me to shoot them on sight however we only saw tracks, not the actual animals.

We then moved to the Safari Lodge which was situated in mountainous mopane bushvelt. I shot at an excellent Gemsbok however unfortunately the shot was too far back of the vitals and we tracked until last light and then had to give up for the day. We went out again at first light and picked up the spoor. There was a lot of body fluid on the ground where he had bedded down for the night. We started tracking again for 3-4 hours and then lost the spoor.

The next day I took a nice mountain Zebra stallion which will become a rug for my wife. What an elusive and difficult to hunt animal the mountain Zebra is.

We decided to go back to the area where I wounded the Gemsbok. As we approached the area, Tjokkie motioned for Johann to stop the vehicle. We knew the animal was nearby because of the smell. We walked about 25 yards and there it was under a thorn tree. The hyenas, jackals and other scavengers had eaten the flesh, guts and most of the skin, however we were able to recover the skull and horns which measured 42″. Fortunately, Johann had an extra cape which will be used for a pedestal mount.

We then moved on to another property adjoining Etosha game preserve where I managed to take a 14 3/8″ Springbok hunting in woodland savannah.

To top things off we did a little “varmint hunting” back at the lodge where Johann shot a baboon that had ventured too close too camp.

The last day of our vacation I managed to spend doing some wing shooting for guinea fowl, francolin and sand grouse.

I must say that the .375 H&H using 300 grain Swift A-Frame’s performed flawlessly. We only recovered one bullet which was from the Kudu at 215 yards and the bullet retained 88.7% of it’s weight.

Whomever said “once you go to Africa it gets in your blood” is right. I am already preparing for a return trip in 2011.

In closing I must say that Johann is an outstanding PH who is very knowledgeable and works extremely hard for his client.

If you would like to peruse his web site it is

Rick Behling

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