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Mobile (+264) 81 128 3105
Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

Comments From Our Clients

Frederik, Sophie, Carl and Sophus – Denmark

We thank the sweetest and most helpful people for a lovely stay!!

It was a dream come true!! You managed to make it fantastic for all of us – The big white hunter, his wife and Carl and Sophus. We have had so many great adventures, experiences and we will for sure come back one day!!

Lots of love.



Richard, Sheila, Becky Lipps – USA

Johann, Vera and Zoë

We had such a great time this week!! The lodge was beyond beautiful! The hunt was fantastic and the experience as a whole was absolutely phenomenal! The service of food was amazing. Becky had a great time with Zoë chasing lizards. Her favourite part of this all was going to see the cheetahs. Sheila’s favourite part was where she and Ruan shot the cheetah. Richard’s favourite part was listening to the wildebeest and the stalk on the springbok. Hope to come back soon and to stay in touch!!

Your friends from now on Richard, Sheila, Becky Lipps



Biorn, Jorn, Magne, Roar, and Jan – Norway

Thank u for the nice hospitality, and a very good hunt. We will never forget.We will soon be back



Ken and Sherri Deaver – USA

Zoë, Vera, Johann, Jonas and Staff

Thank you for a wonderful stay. We really enjoyed the family atmosphere including Savanna, Mini Moe, Tasha, and the cats, Dassie, chickens, porcupines etc. Eating game everyday was a neat treat. Vera is a great cook. I look forward to testing the curry marinade on elk when we get home.Thanks again for all the help with the guns and for sharing your knowledge of the ever smart plant life, bugs and so on.Elephants, cheetah, baboon tracks are “way cool”



Maiken, Ingeborg, Poul Axel, Julie and Niels – Denmark

Dear Zoë, Vera, Johann, Ruan

Thank you very much for the great family experience in your Namibian paradise at Tualuka Lodge. We immediately felt at home and your hospitality, kindness and flexibility have made our stay fully live up to our expectations.We would also like to thank nice and qualified staff. Not many places would you trust your kids to strangers, but here it was easy. Also a great thanks for providing real hunting in challenging conditions and for the exiting introduction to leopard hunt. We definitely have some unfinished business that we need to look at in the future!!! The finish at Mount Etjo was very pleasant with some great animals for the trophy room.

Your personal engagement and commitment is second to none and we look forward to seeing you all again either in Namibia or Denmark.

Love Maiken, Ingeborg, Poul Axel, Julie and Niels



Lew and Nancy Pearce – USA

Johann and Vera

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you  for everything, the opportunity to spend time with you and Zoë, the helpful answers to advanced questions, incomparable setting and food, and most of all for the enduring patience. And we still have the beach and Etosha to experience.

We will never forget the 12 days in Namibia.



Daniel L and Marie Geisinger – USA

To Johann and Vera

Thanks for a wonderful “ Maiden safari”. We had a great time, and who knew that stinky and dead things could create such dinner table conversations. Meeting Zoë and her friend was a delightful bonus. The staff were all very friendly and polite, and the cleaning and laundry provided to our rooms was first class.

As for the hunt it was way better than Danny had imagined. In one place, he could hunt a dry river bed, mountains, koppies and plains. The choice of hunting methods – blinds, glassing, walk an stalk, etc –  added to the adventure. Although it may have been unexpected, getting five animals in six days was great.

Trophy animals were plentiful. The changing scenery while hunting was most enjoyable. Desert elephants on the side of the mountain was a great bonus. Thanks to Jonas for helping me climbing –  I learned my limitation!

Best wishes for all your future hunts – it was well worth it



Cmde Xeres Z Herring – USA

The Stalk

Blue wildebeest was the target, spotting from a rise we drove down to then began the stalk. Grouching and weaving back and forth we reached a point where crawling was the only point of staying unobserved. I in hunting shorts, it was ouch ouch ouch for 100 yards to the only bush in the field. Stand finally we were 280 yards from the target so no go on the shot. We decided to step out to see their reaction. They just stood and looked, I waved my hat threw my arms then finally jumped up and down. Only then did one start snorting and scrapping his front feet like a majestic Toro in the arena facing a matador. I challenged him with “ bring it on big boy” and at that all turned and moved on. All that crouching and crawling pain, next time I will just walk up to them and shoot him.



Becky and Tim Walsh – USA

The big E

We knew this would be the toughest time here of all the animals, but I do not think we realized what tough meant in Namibia.From day one we did know we would have the time of our lives.Meeting Ruan at the hotel, eating at Joes, driving to Tualuka, the adventure and hunt began. The welcome to camp we were in awe of the beauty of the whole area.

Day 2 – Waking up before sunrise and long before we needed to, as the excitement of what was to be loomed before us, we stopped for coffee and breakfast before sunrise and checking the tracks. The giraffe spotting was only the beginning. We quickly learned the art of mountain climbing and worked hard to find the elusive E.

Day 3,4 – More of some mountain climbing, glassing the area, moving to new mountains glassing, stalking, only to find more E but not the old boy we wanted.

Day 5 – New property and tactics. Getting close but not happening yet. Many tracks, but could not find the elusive E

Day 6 – After the roller coaster of emotions during the week there was an opportunity. Moving from many tracks and one stalk, but not the one. After lunch the hunt began quickly, finding fresh tracks that had eluded us prior. Last hours of the day found us in position to give Jennifer the shot of her life.

Thanks from Becky, Tim and Jennifer” The Gun”



Viking hordes of Norway

Dear Johann, Vera, Zoë, Ouma, Oupa, Jonas and all the other smiles at the lodge.

Thank you for all the good memories from the hunting, game watching, for all the great moments sitting outside watching the wild life.(f.ex  “Pumba”) for all the lovely food, we really enjoyed tasting different animals and all the good laughs.

Thanks for the incredible hospitality and the good sense of humour. Thank you so much for making our holiday perfect!!!

Hugs from

Annelill Brandsvoll (call me if you need a Oryx to be hand matted)

I will be back Torbjyxn( Torrix ) Dalh

Big pink elephant feet, Oyvind Dalh

Odd Dalh

Jorunn Myhre Dalh

Alf Morgen Tveites

Solveig Dalh

Jonatan Dalh Salte



Jim Sincebaugh – USA

Some would say this was a trip of a lifetime, I would say I cannot wait to come back.

What a fantastic time, from the couple of days spent in Windhoek to fishing on the coast, then an amazing 10 days in camp hunting and lastly a visit to Etosha. All I can say is “ wow” what a time!!

I will miss everyone, Johann, Vera, Ruan, Jonas, Zoë and all of the great staff. I felt at home and was treated as part of the family.

Some Key observations from my stay:

A – Duikers don’t have eggs.

B – Zebras don’t have horns.

C – Hunting eland will drive you crazy.

D – Get in shape, koppie hopping with Ruan will kill you.

And lastly and most important “wait for the shot”

In closing I would like to say THANK YOU for one of the most enjoyable and successful hunting trips I have ever had.



Gary Kobel – USA

This is my first trip to Africa and I could not have selected a better outfitter than Shona Hunting adventures.

We started our adventure when Ruan picked us up in Windhoek. We travelled to Henties Bay on the coast for fishing. We caught 18 cob and 3 sharks, what a thrill. We also went on a whale watching tour.

In was now time to travel to the hunting lodge, upon arrival we were met by Vera, Johann and their daughter Zoë. The accommodation was first class and the food excellent. I am a very picky eater and they met every need of my picky stomach.

Hunting: Johann, Jonas and Alu were first class guides. They put every effort into putting you in position to harvest an animal. I took a Gemsbok, Kudu, Springbok, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra and Impala.

I would unconditionally recommend Shona as a hunting destination.

We leave tomorrow for Etosha and will leave behind new friends.



Kelsey and Vernon Mochid -Canada

Thank you so very much for such an amazing experience. The lodge, the sites, the food, all of it was enjoyable and the sense of humours topped it all off.

We will most definitely be returning for that giraffe.

I was expecting a much different African hunt, I found that Vern had warned me that Africa was addictive, yet  I expected to be terrified. What I found was amazing. Even the hike up the mountains were worth the views from the top.

Vern is very pleased with the Eland, Zebra, Kudu and Gemsbok he got this trip.

Words cannot express how much we enjoyed the experience.

Thanks Kels and Vern( aka Albino croc)



Jim and Sara Holden  – Bartleville OK USA

I told everyone in the US and business associates, that this trip to Africa was the trip of a lifetime, as well as a great trip for Sara and I’s 25th wedding anniversary. My 8 days spent here with your family absolutely fulfilled my expectations. Your family style hospitality, detailed hunt plans, great meals and constant service, was memorable. I will certainly recommend Shona to others and hope to come back again. I wish I could stay longer. I hope to again, and wish the best for all of you.

May 2012


Jorn Bakken, Bjorn Strand, Stale Bjornvik, Hans Marting Fallen, Pal Jensen

It is always sad to leave, but after three wonderful and exciting days, we are filled with everlasting memories. One giraffe, three sebras, five gemsbuck and one warthog. Five Norwegians will keep this place forever in our minds. Hoping this is only the beginning of a long lasting relationship. Turning our heads and guns to Krumneck and Okazeni to continue our Namibian adventure. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality, excellent food and knowledgeable staff. We are looking forward to come back here soon.

May 2012


Rick Nunez – California USA

Thank you for the warm hospitality which made me feel both welcomed and right at home, even this far from home. Thanks to everyone for their hard work in making my first African experience such a memorable one. From the food and housekeeping to the, Yes….dragging of guts around the leopard baits. I enjoyed it all. You’ve got something very special here and I hope that it remains the same when God willing I return. Nothing like getting to know someone in the cramp confines of a leopard blind. Thanks again.

May 2012


Mr & Mrs Brian Markovich – PA USA

We had the most wonderful experiences with you all. Who would have known Africa could be welcoming and beautiful. Everything from the lodge, hunting and food was fantastic. I know our honeymoon by far, was the best anyone could have. We really enjoyed every part of the trip, from catching all the fish, while Johann just watched, seeing the “wild/real” elephants, the Himbas, petting the cheetahs and all the other wonderful experiences. I can not say enough about all your wonderful hospitality. We truly had a blast and we owe it all to you! A second trip is in the back of our minds and hope that it can be sooner rather then later. Thank you all so much!

June 2012


Dennis and Debbie Burian                                                                                                          

Our return to Namibia seemed like it would never happen. The three years passed slowly, knowing we would return in 2012. Returning gave no indication that much time had passed. Same warm and loving people, family, hospitality and unsurpassed attention to detail. We missed spending more time with Zoë, but the short visit with her was great. Maybe we will see her in the States soon. The hunt brought back memories of times past, along with all new adventures to be remembered around the fire. New trophies to join old and memories to have forever. Last time was hard to leave, not knowing if we would return. This time was softer, as we know, we will return. It has become part of our existence now. Not enough can be said, so will save it for our next adventure in Africa with you at Shona. Love ya

June 2012


Kevin and Melissa Grayson – USA

When Kevin pictured his honeymoon he seen something different. Kevin wanted excitement, adventure and a once in a lifetime experience. Shona Hunting offered all of that and more. On our honeymoon, I got to watch many of my husband’s dreams come true. Some of our fondest memories that we will cherish forever as a brand new husband and wife will include the family at Shona Hunting. As a woman and never “really” hunted before, coming to Africa, it felt a bit overwhelming at first. As my trust grew in Vera and Johann, my experience was better than I could have ever dreamed. Thank you for taking us into your home and welcoming us to Africa with open arms. Our next trip seems so far away, but I am sure we will be here quicker that we think. Until next time. Best wishes and good luck.

July 2012


Joe, Jill and Kelsi Taylor – West Virginia USA

I don’t know where to start. Joe has dreamed of an African Adventure for many years and I have come to want it also. From meeting Johann in Charleston, WV to Harrisburg, PA, we felt like we had made the perfect choice. Of course, the first time coming was nerve racking and I asked a million questions. I never felt like I was a bother. Being here in your home, you have made us feel so welcome. Came as clients and leaving as friends. Everything exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to come back again, since I shot Joe’s Zebra and made a rug out of it, he shot my 56’ Kudu and my nemesis of a Hartebeest. I will get him. Thank you so much for everything. We have found our place in Namibia. We will get back home and start the planning again. Best wishes always.

July 2012


David Brown – North Carolina USA

What can I possibly put into words to convey the feelings I have for two of the dearest people in the world to me? How about I cherish both of you and truly enjoy the time we spend together. I feel so at ease and relaxed in such a far-away place, and I give all of the credit to you and your staff. You are amazing people. Your compassion for visitors is outdone only by your skills and charm as host and hostess of Tualuka. It seems that I just get back into the rhythm of Africa when it is time for me to leave again. My one comforting thought is that the two of you will be here awaiting my return. Prayers and blessings on you and all of your staff. Best always.

July 2012


Nels Spevak and Marlene Weeks – Iowa USA

It was a pleasure to meet each one of you associated with the Shona Hunting Adventures Family. During our time with you, we felt like you were on “holiday” with us, but realize you were actually working. You all worked hard to make two old farts from Iowa, USA, happy with each new adventure. What made our trip to Namibia wonderful, were the basics of nice people, great food, quality service, pleasant surroundings and the cooperation of mother nature. As Vera would say “Unbelievable!” Stay healthy and we wish you continued success. Best regards.

August 2012


Levi Hulsey – Alabama USA

I have been extremely impressed with your entire operation. The work ethic of the entire staff, the respect for customers, the dedication to family and the OUTSTANDING food. I did not know what to expect when preparing to come to Africa, but I cannot imagine how this experience could have been any better. I’m now glad Momma and Don brought me along this time. I’m VERY pleased with my Gemsbuck, 14” Warthog and that massive Blue Wildebeest. This stalk hunting is more fun than I had thought before. I really enjoyed out-doing Don with EVERYTHING I harvested. I told him he shouldn’t bring me to such a professional outfitter if he did not expect to be surpassed in the calibre of trophies taken. I will especially remember the card game, shooting dassies with Momma, Don and Willie, the hunt with Zoë and Momma shooting her first animal. Thank you once again and I look forward to seeing you in the States for a talk of hunting, MOONSHINE and NOODLING. I’ll be back soon.

August 2012


Denise Roxby – Alabama USA

As we sit here chatting about our trip and how much fun we’ve had, we are also planning our next trip here. What a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends. Thanks for a wonderful vacation! Who would have ever thought that I would shoot a living animal? When I come back I’ll be planning on shooting something other than a Dassie.

August 2012


Annemarie und Karl Auinger, Resi Liebl, Lukas Firmberger, Anna Auinger – Austria

Herzlichen Dank für die besondere familiar Atmosphäre die Ihr uns in diesen zauberhaften Umgebung geboten habt. Danke für die perfekte Jagdführung, die uns wunderbare Anblicke und als Krönung meinen “Lebenskudu” geschenkt hat. Tualuka wird unvergesslich bleiben.

Sept 2012


Shannon and Jeff Starks              

What a time we have had. Fantastic tip in the desert on sand to the climbs on the large rocks in the mountains, we have enjoyed it all. The food was wonderful. We will go home with a few extra pounds but a trimer legs and butt with all of the climbing. We will look at making a coffee table book but it will only be our pictures. But the added light to our stay was the fireworks on the mountains, we could see the colours for miles. Guess not everyone is as special as we are. The animals!! What can we say. We now know how to sneak up on animals. (Do you think this will work on Jeff?) I have even had a Kudu bark at me from 30 feet. What a wonderful time we have had at your beautiful lodge. You are all blessed.

Sept 2012 


Andre van Dyk– South Africa

Julle het ‘n wonderlike plek – ‘n stukkie hemel op aarde – ongerep, diep in Afrika. Dit is voorwaar ‘n plek om trots op te wees. Hou dit so en bewaar dit vir die jagters van more. Baie dankie vir julle vriendelikheid en gasvryheid. Ek het die tydjie regtig geniet. Wie weet, miskien is ek gouer terug as wat julle dink. Steek net die Bio-Plus weg!

Oct 2012  


Arild Iversen, Heine Sorensen, Arne Didriksen, Svein Iversen, Sture Lien – Norway

Johann, Vera and family. Thank you so much for 12 days of challenging and exciting hunting. You have delivered much more than we ever experienced. To be taken into your home and shared tales and talk with you, has made this safari something very special for us. Stay safe friends!

May 2011


Gary Gibson, Kelly Dean, David McCormack – USA

Johann and Vera, thank you both for making my African wish come true. I have waited 40 years to make this trip and it was more than I had hoped for. The accommodations and food were world class and the staff was always pleasant and helpful. You both have the ability to make total strangers feel like family members. This was my first trip to Africa, but it will not be my last. When I return, it will be to Shona. You made me feel like I belonged here and I can’t thank you enough. I will stay in touch and start planning the next visit. Thank you. PS I love my 56” Kudu

August 2011                                                      


Dennis and Liza – USA

What can I say that I didn’t three years ago… WOW!! Dennis and I love to visit Africa and totally adore Namibia and most of all Tualuka. It is so wonderful to be part of your family for the time we are with you all. Everything is perfect every day. We appreciate the ability to go to different parts of beautiful Namibia. Fishing at Hentiesbaai was so much fun. Wekebi and Ermo were great also. We enjoyed getting to know Sara and Mathew and it was lovely to see Hubertus again. We missed seeing Steffi again, but who knows… We might bump into her at Chobe. It was wonderful to meet all the new members. Miss Zoë will keep little Jack busy forever. Speaking of Zoë, we both adore her and wish her well with the new phase of her life at school. I am totally serious about you all staying at my home the next time you are in Atlanta. It would be a pleasure to have you all as my guest. Love always.

Sept 2011


Pal Jensen and Stale Bjornvik – Norway

Thank you very much for a extremely pleasant stay. We really enjoyed the nice free-range hunting in beautiful nature. Your hospitality and friendliness made our time here even more special. We will absolutely recommend this place and we are already looking forward to come back. “All I wanted to do now, was to get back to Africa. We had not left it yet, but when I would wake in the night, I would lie listening, homesick for it already.”

Nov 2011


Thank you. Jiri, Alex, Ali (Baba), Standa                                                               

We have spent together fascinating 2 weeks of hunting, which is hard to compare to other experience. Hospitality, friendly atmosphere and beauty of Namibian nature took us completely out of daily life and made of us relaxed human beings.

May 2010


Clay and Pat Dudenhoeffer – Oklahoma USA

Most fantastic vacation we have ever had. Cannot believe a place like this, exists. An adventure of a lifetime and would love to return.

June 2010


Kelvin and Barbara Dudenhoeffer – Winchester USA

We will most assuredly be back. It was our second trip to Africa and by far the most enjoyable. Very homey feeling. Made us feel like we were family. We plan on returning to you soon and bringing our granddaughters.

June 2010


Love ya’ll. Kurt and Audra Dudenhoeffer                                            

Wonderful time had by both of us! The hospitality was excellent and though we personally didn’t hunt any trophies, the experience was fabulous. Thanks to Vera and her coordination with all the staff. Thanks to Johann for all the adventures during the hunt. Thanks to Zoë for being such a delight.

June 2010


Mike Schrage and Jennifer Smith – Duluth Minnesota USA

Thank you Johann, Vera and Zoë for all your hard work, good food and warm hospitality. The hunting was first rate introduction to Namibia!!! Thank you so much for showing us around the country and for your stories over drinks and dinner. Maybe by our next visit, Mike will be able to tell the difference between warthogs and cows, and Jen can teach Zoë some roller derby moves. We’re going to miss Mini Mu and Jinx too.

July 2010


Shaun Saaiman – Canada

We went back to the old fashion hunt scenario – a true bush camp! The lodge is super, yet the roughness of the bush camp will always stand out as the best. Hunting was a phenomenal experience here. Johann, Vera and Zoë, are so family oriented and warm, thank you for that.

July 2010


Dylan Yetter – Canada

Johann, you changed how I thought about hunting in Africa. It turned out to be much harder hunting than I thought. I expected to not have to hike around the mountains looking for animals, although that made it much more enjoyable for me. I wouldn’t mention what happened at night.

July 2010


Floyd McFall – USA

Another great trip. How could you ask for more. This is a real hunt, with all you think of Africa. Can’t wait to come back. See you in 2012. Thanks for everything.

Sept 2010


Donald and Denise Roxby – USA

Johann, Vera, Zoë, Vellies, Clarissa and all the wonderful accommodating staff. Denise and I had a wonderful time and will carry the many memories of this trip inside us forever. The service at the camps and lodge, which took into account all the smallest details, was outstanding. The hunting was filled with a safari’s many ups and downs and exceeded my wildest expectations. The events the day we killed my kudu bull are burnt in my mind forever. But what races though my mind as I write this, are the many little things that occurred over the past few weeks, that will always make us smile… The democratic bird that kept squawking Barack, Barack, the plant with the invisible thorns that kept ripping at me that we appropriately named The-son-of-a-bitch bush, teaching Zoë how to shoot spitwards in the restaurant, scaring every one when I snored aloud sleeping in the van, stalking the rock-dancing klipspringers to capture a good photograph. We enjoyed the fellowship and discussions at the dinner table that always seem to drift to slime foods like okra and oysters and the smells of baboon mountin. After hanging out with Denise you may find yourself saying what ever you want about someone, as long as you follow up with “bless her heart.” We came to Africa as clients, became friends and left with an extended family. You guys will always be in our hearts and minds and we are looking forward to seeing you guys again. Some how we will find our way back.

Sept 2010


Rick and Helen Behling

“Dear Johann, Vera, Zoë

Thank you for making our first trip to Africa an outstanding experience.

From The wonderful meals to toasting the day’s events with a sundowner around the campfire, many vivid memories have been edged into our minds. You and your staff have welcomed us as family and indeed we feel as if you are a part of our extended family. Johann, I thoroughly enjoyed hunting with you and Tjokkie. You professionalism and dedication to your chosen profession is beyond reproach. Vera, your beautiful smiling face was a joy to behold after returning from a long days hunting, all tired and dusty. Zoë, all of your energy and enthusiasm reminded us of our boys, Shean and Chris some twenty or so years ago. You are a joy to be around and frequently brought a smile to our faces. As the famous author Peter Hathaway Capstick remarked ‘Once you go on Safari to Africa you are bound to return.”This is most definitely the case with us as we will most definitely be back.”


James Miller 

”  I have hunted in Africa many times in different countries with many different professional hunters and I can sincerely say that Johann Veldsman was one of the most dedicated guides that I have ever been with on safari. Not only does he give 100% into making sure that your hunt is successful, he makes the African experience a lot of fun. His hunting area is also excellent with fine trophies and a great place to take the family along as well.”


David Brown

“This was my first trip to Africa, I was traveling alone and had no idea of what to expect. As you would think I was nervous as well. Johann and Vera had me completely at ease and feeling like I had known them forever in no time at all. Being so at ease allowed me to enjoy the comforts of camp life right from the beginning.

Johann realized that this being my first trip to hunt in Africa that I had a lot to learn. He taught me what I needed to know without me realizing I was being taught. Before the end of my trip I felt like I knew what I was doing. This came in handy as there was lots of game to be stalked. We saw animals every day. All in all it was a great hunt and experience, I have already booked another hunt.”


Paul Skopic

” This is a very friendly and comfortable camp, it is a pleasure to stay here, the food was excellent. Johann is a very good PH and Tjokkie compliments him well. They seek out nice trophies and not just animals. The trip to Etosha was a highlight as well as my first African game, a Duiker witch will find its way into the record books. This is what I expected from an African hunt and hospitality I look forward to returning.”


Bill and David Powell

“Thank you for introducing us to the Namibian experience in such a grand style – with such hard work, good fun, good food and world-class hospitality.

The game was abundant and gorgeous and we are taking our share home. But the trophies are not things we will hang on the wall, but the moments around the bo ma fire and laughing and kidding each other while the southern cross floats in the heavens; the sunrise and sunset; Zoë having a sip of your milkshake; Tjokkie making the girls laugh; the sunlight in your smiles.

Thanks again in love and friendship.”

“Thanks so much for your hospitality, you made our trip a wonderfully experience. You made our dreams come true for our African trip. We will be back because of you.


Heath and Samantha Springer

We will never forget the adventures in the bush and mountains ( those damn mountains! ). Thanks for all the laughs and stories you told and we are glad to make such great new friends. Keep the barbwire cold for us for when we come back.

Thanks for everything.”


Paul Skopic

“Thanks for another fine African experience. You folks are becoming old friends. The camp is even more comfortable than last year, and the lodge and surroundings really add the African experience. I appreciate all the effort to make this a great hunt. Two Rowland Ward trophies is much more than one can expect, again thank you for the experience and great company.”


David Brown

“What can I say , I moved from feeling at home last year to being a member of the family this year. I don’t know how you can make a stranger or someone you only see once a year feel so welcome.When I return for my third trip with my family they will be able to understand for themselves the lure of Namibian safari life. Thank you for all of your love and care. My thoughts are never far away from you and camp. They are also constantly trying to come up with ways to come back. Till next we are together.

Best Always”


Claude Ghari

“I would like to thank all of you for your warmest welcome, the friendly atmosphere, all that made my stay unforgettable. Thousand thanks to all of you. All of you will stay in my memories for ever”


Joe Bruzanitti

“Thank you for the terrific experience. Great hunting; Great company; way too much food! Has been a trip of a lifetime, hope to repeat it in the near future, till then best wishes and good hunting”


Rob Rizzo

“Thank you so much for all of your hospitality and generosity and welcoming us into your lives and every day work. I learned so much even though I still can’t see a kudu. The food well that was just unbelievable.. The experience was unbelievable…..”


George and Candy Wood

“We want to thank you for a wonderfully time. Everything was excellent – from the touring to the hunting and your hospitality was fantastic…… We’ll think of all of you and your beautifully facility when we look at our wonderful gemsbok, kudu and Mountain Zebra trophies.

Thank you for a fantastic trip to Namibia.”


 Laurent and Stephanie Guerton

“We would like to thank you for this wonderfully “honey moon” hunting trip. we enjoy all the moments we spent with you in Shona. Your terrain is incredible and so beautiful. Thank you for your hospitality and your kindness. See you soon.”


C Wheeler

“This was a wonderfully introduction to Namibia. My nemesis , Mr kudu certainly had me running in circles. The mountain Zebra – what a wonderfully advisory in the pursuit of game. The tent camp seemed a perfect Africa Safari camp complete with flush toilets. While the rugged terrain around the lodge introduced me to a kind of Africa I’d never experienced. A great place to hike and observe, even with Leopards overhead…..”


Tom Lorenzen

“My 6th trip to Africa – and my best! Wonderfully camp, beautiful lodge. Thanks for the great experience and for your gracious hospitality. This is African hunting as it should be.”


Floyd McFall

“Thanks so much for everything it was a real experience, so much of what I have dreamt of has come true. I have never had a better time and hope to come back in 2010”


Tom and James McGuckian

“Our first trip to Africa, and it was better than we could ever imagined. Thanks for the hard work , great food and laughs.The hunting was fantastic, the scenery stunning . We came as strangers and left as friends”


Gary Owens

“These comments are from a client who has dreamed of a safari for 44 years literally. This is what we did EAT,DRINK,HUNT! Shona Hunting Adventures has made this pos sable. Al anxiety associated with the multiple variables of your 1st safari in a foreign land simply disapeared.We took genuine trophy animals in a relaxed, professional environment. Food is second to me , I’m a hunter. Truth is many wife’s would only wish they could cook this well. My dreams have come true.”

Thanks a plenty.


Ricky Willman

“Shona Hunting Adventures has exceeded my expectations of the African adventure I have dreamed about taking. The amount of game has startled me The animals that I have taken have been “trophy class”. I would recommend this trip to any of my close friends or family”


Dave Aumiller

“Johann, Vera, Zoë and Family

I can not thank each of you enough for helping me fulfill a dream – hunting in Africa. Your warm hospitality and attention to detail have provided me with an experience I’ll never forget. Of course there are the obvious memories – shooting the animals, visiting Etosha + the Himba village, but there are so many small memories that made this trip truly special – really seeing the stars, showering with my friend the gecko at the tented camp, playing with Zoë, trying the various game meats. Thanks for your friendship, hospitality, patience and kindness.

Till we hunt again.”


Cindy Carson & Lee Downing

“Thank you for having us in your beautifully lodge. Our trip here has been unforgettable… The hunting was awesome, the fellowship was terrific and the memories we will take with us are unbelievable… We are sad it must come to an end.. but all good things must. We hope to return to Africa and visit (and hunt) with you again.

God bless you and your wonderful extended family…”


Liza Beardin

“Event hough I just begun to travel the world this vacation will be one I never forget. Namibia is an absolutely gorgeous country with equally gorgeous and generous people. Staying with all of you for two weeks has been such a pleasure. If you all ever in Atlanta please do not hesitate to call. It would be a pleasure to enjoy your company again and take you out on the town !!!

Love always.”


Tom Lorenzen

“Another wonderfully Safari with Shona. Africa has so much to offer. I never return to the same place twice, but Shona is the exception! This was my second trip with Shona and there will be more!

Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

Warm Regards”


Bill, Rita and Amelia Bell

“Johann, Vera and Zoë

Thank you so much for such a wonderful adventure. You showed my family such outstanding hospitality, We will cherish our memories for a lifetime. Africa is such a special place and Tualuka is magical. Rita and Amelia had a great time. The Kudu chase will go down in history for me and when I’m too old to hunt I will dream of our Safari .

May the Lord smile on Shona”

“Dear Johann , Vera and Zoë


Janice Brown

Where to begin? Thanks so much for a wonderfully Safari, a beautiful wedding and memories that will last a lifetime! We will treasure our time with you and look forward to returning soon.”


Christine Brown

“Dear Johann Vera nd Zoë

Now that my dad has finally gotten us over here, I can see why he love it so much. You have a beautifully country and a beautifully home! I have enjoyed every minute of my stay here. I have really enjoyed meeting you guys after hearing so many good things about you. I sincerely hope we come back some day to visit again. Best wishes till then



Jessica Brown

“Dear Johann, Vera and Zoë + Family

Thank you for making this such an enjoyable stay. I’ve had a wonderfully time here seeing the sights and the beautifully country you call home.Also finally being able to put faces + personalities with the names I have so often heard about. You are all Amazing + hopefully I will be ale to return someday. Best wishes to all.



Ken Tiedge

“Dear Johann and Vera

My Family and I had a great time. You made us feel like family. I really enjoyed the hunt. I love unfinished business with a kudu, so I have an excuse to come back!! I Know Katie had a great time with Zoë and all the dogs and cats, Again thanks for everything. I also really enjoyed hunting with Tjokke – he has an incredible sense in seeing animals. Until next time.”


Katie Tiedge

“Dear Johann, Vera, Zoë and family

I had such a great time here. I loved seeing all the animals and trying all the different meats and food. I had fun beading and playing with the dogs and Zoë. I will miss you all. Until next time.”


Sarah Tiedge

“Dear Johann, Vera, Zoë and family

Thank you for a wonderful holiday! You really made us feel like part of the family and we had an awesome time. I hope that we can return.”


Miriam Tiedge

“Dear Johann, Vera, Zoë and family

I had a wonderful time here. I enjoyed trying all the game meat. it was delicious. Seeing all the animals was very exciting. Thanks again for a very special time in Namibia.”


Dennis and Deb Burian

“Johann, Vera, Zoë and Tjokkie and the entire Staff including pets and mostly Mini Moo.

To much to say in words can`t express. From the first sunrise to the last “Barb wire” one unforgettable experience after another. The trophies we have taken were tremendous and they will sure remind us of your family hospitality and never ending hard work. This was more than the experience that we have expected. How can we top this the tented camp farm and the lodge were all perfect. This was Africa at its best.

Till we meet again.”