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Space and Freedom

Byseewah Hunting Area

Byseewah is one of the largest private hunting reserves in Namibia consisting of 85 000 acres in the north-western part of Namibia. It is here where for the last 35 years Ken and Lynda Morris, along with their dedicated staff, have restored the natural habitat from over-grazed and barren farmland. They removed internal fences and provided the necessary infrastructure allowing the native plants, animals, and birds to return and flourish in an area that would otherwise have been destined for desertification.

Ken is one of the pioneers of ethical hunting in Africa and one of the legends in the trophy hunting industry in Namibia. He is also the founder of the Worldwide Ethical Hunters Association, and it is a true honour to be able to hunt this amazing property that Ken and Lynda, along with their partners, have built up and hunted over the last three decades.

Eland – the worlds largest antelope.

one of the largest hunting reserves in Namibia

85 000 Acre

Fair Chase Hunting

Byseewah has an abundance of game and is especially known for its Kudu and Eland populations. If these two species are on your list, it probably does not get better than this.Others Species available in the area are baboon, caracal, duiker, giraffe, red hartebeest, mountain zebra, jackal, oryx/gemsbuck, ostrich, springbuck, steenbok, warthog, black-faced impala, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, Damara dik-dik, klipspringer, waterbuck, and leopard.

Clients are accommodated in comfortable Luxury Chalets with a true Africa feel, combined with hardy bush cuisine and farm Namibian hospitality. The smell of the mopani and camelthorn wood burning in the fire pit, the Milky Way 

The terrain can be described as Typical African Woodland Savannah with mountain on the Northern and southern border and lives up to the translation of Byseewah from the local Herero language – “Space and Freedom”.

Space and freedom

For more than 20 years Shona Hunting has built up a reputation for the ethical way we conduct our hunting safaris. We also pride ourselves in our Huab River Valley hunting area, a true conservation hunting success story. Staying true to our believes in ethical and sustainable hunting, it is with great excitement that we would like to introduce our clients to our new hunting area Byseewah.